Reflective Road Studs

Reflecting Road Studs were invented in the 1930’s and have been used ever since as a visual aid to motorists to identify where road markings are installed.

Currently there are several different manufacturers of road studs which are broadly in 3 categories.

Bellstan Ltd possess the equipment, knowledge and experience to install all 3 types and can advise on the best type for individual network environments and performance requirements.

Inset Studs

Inset type which are installed into the carriageway surface consisting of a cast iron base and rubber insert with reflectors, some incorporating a self cleansing mechanism. These are installed by use of a vehicle mounted milling machine and hot pitch.

Stick-on Studs

‘Stick on’ type which are adhered to the existing road surface and generally constructed of plastic. There are types available with extremely good retro-reflectivity characteristics but due to their vulnerability generally not so durable.

Non-reflective Studs

Non reflective type, generally made of stainless steel to identify a pedestrian road crossing point. Installed into the carriageway surface via an alternative process to the inset type.