Road Marking by Bellstan

Bellstan Ltd have been specialising in road and pavement marking for almost five decades and has vast experience in many varied environments such as public highways, car parks, and private road networks.

Our road markings will always be applied to a high level of  quality and workmanship in a variety of materials to provide the required durability, retro-reflectivity and colour stability.

Road Marking Service Details

Bellstan Ltd pride themselves on the highest level of service provision and can also offer the additional pavement marking services:

  • Desk top or on-site surveying of road networks to record all existing pavement markings
  • Existing pavement marking drawings in CAD, either electronic of hard copy formats
  • Compliance advice for existing warning or regulatory markings to the Traffic Signs and General Directions regs
  • Design advice for car park layouts to maximise effectiveness of available space
  • Design and recommendation of high performance road markings
  • Night time surveys for reflecting road studs
  • Surveying and cost estimating of refurbishment programmes

Road Marking Types

We own a modern fleet of marking applicators, specialising in multiple types of road marking which includes: extrusion, spray and hand applied screed.

We possess the capability to apply road markings in a wide variety of colours shapes and styles to suit any particular requirement.