Innovators in Road Safety Marking

Bellstan Ltd is at the forefront of innovation with its technical partner Ennis-Flint who together have introduced into the UK many new products.

Duratherm ®

Bellstan are the only UK installer of Duratherm®. This innovative product uses pre-cut patterns of preformed thermoplastic which are imprinted into the flexible road surface. Imprints are made by compacting specialised pre-cut plastic templates into the surface. The preformed thermoplastic is then applied using a specialised infrared heater.

  1. Improve traffic safety in shared road usage locations and at crossings
  2. Helping channel pedestrians across busy parking areas
  3. Increase visibility for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike
  4. Revitalise a communities image through improved roadway aesthetics

Zebra Bright

Another innovative product used by Bellstan  Ltd is ‘ZebraBright’.

This type of high performance lining can be applied to locations where greater retro-reflectivity is required. This product is usually used for hand applied pavement markings such as ‘SLOW’ and arrows but can also be used in centrelines and edge of carriageway markings